Qigong: Integrative & Classical

Qigong can be practised in many forms, styles and traditions. The modern approach is integrative; an easier, more engaging and dynamic form of practice. Classical Qigong is the traditional and ancient forms, which are sets of slow, precise, differentiated movements and postures. Either style of this powerful modality is a self-healing exercise therapy. Qi (Chi) translates to mean life-force energy, and Gong means to work, or cultivate. Qigong is adaptable and accessible as a movement practice delivering a range of physical, mental and emotional health benefits . Ultimately it is a restorative practice of presence, a moving meditation that incorporates acupressure, slow stretches, gentle flowing movement and stillness. Learn more here.      

Chi Space

Chi Space is a studio in Balaclava, Melbourne, Australia dedicated to the practice of Qigong - both Integrative and Classical. Our focus and purpose is the promotion of wellbeing, self-healing, preventative health and connection, both to the self and others. We share our practices with small groups and encourage the releasing of busyness, hurrying and rushing. Come in early, drink tea, chat, connect.

Classes, Workshops & Trainings

We offer a variety of classes to suit all levels of experience and fitness, as well as regular trainings and events.
Weekly Classes
We offer 13 classes a week in Integrative and Classical Qigong. We even have a few yoga and meditation classes too! View the timetable here.
Teacher Training
Our Integrative Qigong Teacher Training is based on the modern form of Qigong as taught by Lee Holden and other masters who teach integrative approaches to this ancient healing practice. Our programs are suitable for movement teachers, therapists, educators and personal practitioners. Find out more here.
Join us for one of our many workshops, Seasonal Qigong, Sensory Sessions, Sound Meditation, Taoist Philosophy and more! Find out more here.

About us

Chi Space is Melbourne's first studio dedicated to the practice of Qigong, it is also the home of Pursuit of Wellness, a wellbeing business owned by Nicole Lee.
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee

Founder & Qigong Practitioner

Nicole teaches Integrative and Classical Qigong and is internationally trained and accredited. Nicole facilitates classes as well as leading the Integrative Qigong Teacher Training Program, she is a Yoga Alliance 'Expert Teacher'. Nicole is also an accredited Meditation Teacher and holds a Bachelor in Complementary Medicine.

Jo Nation
Jo Nation

Qigong Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

Jo teaches Slow Flow, Kundalini and Integrative Qigong at Chi Space. Jo is trained in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Anatomy and Integrative Qigong. Jo is interested in healing, restoring harmony and bringing balance to the body and mind, she has previously studied Counselling and is currently studying Western Herbal Medicine.

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