The Sensory Sessions

The Sensory Sessions are an exploration of mindfulness through the senses, we’ll take you on a two hour journey that explores mindfulness through movement, stillness and sound, as well as touch, taste and smell! Each session is unique, we combine the gentle movement practice of Integrative Qigong with Sound Meditation and a range of Stillness-based practices that engage the senses.

One of the most direct and effective ways we can experience and practice mindfulness is through our senses. Returning to our senses helps us to be full engaged in the present moment, instead of dipping into ‘default’ mode where we can be focussed on the past or in the future. Through practicing sensory mindfulness you might notice that you see colours more brightly, taste food more and feel more present in your body, you might make the delightful discovery of a whole world of sensory richness which you previously hadn’t even realised you were missing! These sessions also build self awareness and promote body-mind connection, while providing participants with an opportunity for retreat, restoration and relaxation.

Next Workshop:
Saturday March 24th, 2018
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