Qigong is more than exercise, it’s a healing discipline for the body. It is a unique combination of movement, breath and meditation that improves the functioning of virtually all of the systems of the body and has both preventative and curative effects.


Classical or Traditional qigong is an Eastern self healing practice, originating from China and dating back over 4,000 years. There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of different forms. The Chinese Health Qigong Association of China advocates five forms of Classical Qigong for use in promoting health and wellbeing, we currently practice two of those at Chi Space, these are the Eight Sections of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) and the Five Animal Frolics (Wu Qin Xi). Classical forms of qigong are generally characterised as a series of precise and differentiated movements performed in a very slow and methodical manner. These forms encompass various elements, such as stretching, balance, strength and body weight bearing movement. 

Modern Qigong is a little different to its traditional counterpart but just as powerful in terms of delivering the benefits of the practice, it is an integrative approach which is more accessible for our modern lifestyles. It allows people to experience the benefits of qigong without the thousands of hours of practice that is often required to master a classical form.

This integrative method brings together movements and postures from various classical forms, those from Health Qigong but also from the hundreds of other traditional styles, as well as Tai Chi and Daoyin.

Modern Qigong explores acupressure, standing, slow stretches, gentle flowing movements and stillness, and accompanied by a strong focus on presence.

Regardless of the method of practice, during qigong we focus and anchor our attention on the breath, the body and the sensation of Qi; the feeling of aliveness within. We often incorporate other meditative techniques such as mindfulness, intention and visualisation.

Being ‘mindful’ means focusing on the present moment, on purpose, in a particular way. We bring together being with gentle stretches, standing, flowing movement and the breath to create ‘Mindful Movement’. We intentionally focus on our body and our breath thereby creating a relaxing but energising moving meditation.

When practicing Qigong our intention is to be embodied and present, to connect with ourselves in a holistic way, what is described in Chinese Philosophy as connecting The Three Treasures. There are several fundamental principals in the practice of this beautiful form of self-care and restoration, the essence being to slow down, soften the heart and to do less.

We look forward to sharing Qi with you at a class, workshop or event soon, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have further enquiry.

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