Personal Qi Healing

Receive Energy Healing with Nicole Lee. The intention of this high frequency healing session is to unblock and align all the meridians.. to activate and expand your consciousness and to connect you to your higher self. 

The Qi is received lying down in a relaxed position while the field of energy around the body is conducted. This is a hands-off, non-diagnostic energy healing technique that is client- focussed.

Energy Healing increases our capacity for positive change, you may experience huge shifts immediately following a session, or the effects may be subtle, yet profound, unfolding over a period of time. The experience and effects of receiving the energy are varied, you may notice:


  • An increase your personal capacity for positive change

  • A sense of empowerment and expanded perspective

  • A feeling that blocks have been removed and you’re connected to clearer guidance

  • Soothing of your nervous system and emotions

  • A greater feeling of ease, clarity and your personal power

  • Relief from feelings of fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression


These high frequency energy healing sessions work to build new pathways to awareness and consciousness. Everything that happens in a session is for the client, the focus is on self-healing, self-identity and self-actualisation.

These Personal Qi Healing sessions can include aspects of Qigong, Sound Meditation, Scent Therapy and other healing modalities.

Sessions are up to 75 minutes and are delivered in-person or via distant-healing.


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