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Sharing, instructing and teaching Qigong is both an art and a science. This approach to Qigong Teacher Training is a modern one, historically these teachings would be transmitted from Master to Student over a period of many years. Similar to an apprenticeship – ongoing training of personal experience and mastery.

We are very fortunate to now have this knowledge more freely and readily available, although that doesn’t mean that the journey into sharing and teaching Qigong is any less of an odyssey.

Qigong is a practice of mastery, our teacher training programs are only the beginning of the journey into teaching this amazing self-care practice. Qigong Teacher Training students are accepted via application only, there are 8 spaces available in each training event. These trainings are also a valuable form of continuing education for teachers of yoga, meditation and other self-care practices, Chi Space is a Continuing

Education Accredited School with Yoga Alliance Australia.


Our Qigong Teacher Training is focused on the Integrative form, based on the modern approach as taught by Lee Holden and other masters who teach integrative approaches to this ancient healing practice. Our programs covers all aspects, including how to communicate and teach a class, and is suitable for movement teachers, therapists, educators and personal practitioners.

The training that we offer is a starting point. It is by no means the end and teaching in a competent, skilled and proficient manner can only be achieved through mastery and commitment to personal development.

Module 1 is the beginning of your journey into becoming an Integrative Qigong Teacher. This training can also be utilised to augment teachings in yoga and meditation, as well as for personal self-care and healing.

Integrative Qigong is a conscious and mindful based movement practice that incorporates theory from Classical Chinese Medicine as well as modern and traditional movements of Qigong, Tai Chi, Taoist Yoga, as well as incorporating mindfulness, breath-work and visualisation.

We offer several trainings, the place to begin is the Module 1, 3-day (18 hour) program. This Qigong Teacher Training focuses on one form, along with movements that prepare the body for qi flow and make up a typical 60-75 minute practice.


We offer several Qigong Teacher Training programs, the place to begin is Module 1. Modules range from 18 hours to 50 hours and are delivered in person at our Melbourne studio – Chi Space.


Module 1: Fundamentals & Five Element Flow

​The entire Module 1 training consists of 3 days (18 hours) and is made up of a ‘Pathway Day’ (6 hours) and a ‘Weekend Training’ (12 hours).

This 18 hour training includes:

  • Fundamentals & 5 Element Flow
  • Basics & fundamentals of qigong
  • Qigong – Classical & Integrative
  • Relationship with Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Styles and forms of movement
  • Class structure and sequencing
  • Five element flow form
  • Practice of Presence, Mindfulness and related Meditations
  • Teaching practice
  • Handbook & support materials

The ‘Pathway’ workshop (1 day) covers the movements and sequencing to activate, generate and circulate qi, along with practice of the five element sequence.

The Five element flow sequence is covered in full detail in the ‘Weekend’ training workshop (2 days).

At the end of this training you will have the skills and knowledge to teach a variety of classes based on the Five Element Flow form.


Module 2: Taoist Five & Six Healing Sounds

Module 2 is an additional 18 hours training, delivered again over a ‘Weekend Training’ and a ‘Refresher Day’.

The prerequisite for this training is Module 1 Pathway Day.

This 18 hour training includes:

  • Taoist Five form
  • Six Healing Sounds form
  • Class planning and sequencing
  • Teaching practice
  • Handbook & support materials

The Taoist Five sequence along with the Six Healing Sounds practice is covered in detail. At the end of this training you will have the skills and knowledge to teach the a class based on the Taoist Five and the Six Healing Sounds integrative forms. 


Graduate Training – Seasonal Playbook Series, Special Populations & Self-Healing Medical Qigong

The Graduate Program is available to  practitioners who have completed Module 1 teacher training.

These are a series of 6-10 hour workshops that focus of various integrative qigong practices, such as:

Seasonal Playbook Series
  • Seasonal posture, movement & standing practices
  • Seasonal meditation
  • Relationships to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Meridian theory
  • Class planning & sequencing
  • Teaching practice
  • Handbook & support materials
Special populations
  • Qigong – scalability, integrative approach to specialised populations
    • – aged care, children, limited mobility
  • Specialised posture, movement & standing practices
  • Class planning & sequencing
  • Teaching practice
  • Handbook & support materials
Self-Healing Medical Qigong
  • Principals of medical qigong
  • Buddha palm form
  • Extraordinary meridian theory
  • Microcosmic orbit practice


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